School Times

Normal Opening Time:
8.50 am

Normal Closing Time:
1.30 pm for Junior Classes
2.30 pm for Senior Classes

From the second week of September Junior Infants will be expected to line up in the Yard at 8.50am with the other children.

Children should not arrive at the school before 8.45am and should wait in the playground until the bell goes.

Please Note:

Parents are responsible for their children outside school hours.

The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for children arriving on school premises before 8.50am. The school grounds are opened at 8.30am as it is felt it is safer for children who are dropped at the school to stay in school grounds rather than at the school gate.

However this is a gesture of goodwill from the school. Children are formally supervised in the school and its grounds from 8.50am – 2.30pm. (Official school times only)