Sports at The Harold School

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 Sport for All Days 2017

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Our 5th and 6th classes love the hurdles!

P1 p5

SP3 p4

The wheelbarrow race is a popular novetly race at sports day!


The sack race is always at hit at sports day!


Another fun novelty race – Our senior pupils racing with a ball between their knees!




Junior Infants racing with a beanbag on their heads!


Junior Infant crawling race – we have some very talented crawlers in our school!  SP 11S2 S3 p2s4


Sports Days, June 2016

Sports Day J2 Sports DayJ1 Sports Day S1 Sports Day S2 Sports Day S3 Sports Day S4 Sports Day S5

































P.E and gymnastics at The Harold P.E 1 P.E 2 Gymnastics Gymnastics (2) Gymnastics3































On 10th June, our 5th and 6th classes had great fun participating in an orienteering event on Killiney Hill. Orienteering on Killiney Hill Orienteering on Killiney Hill2 Orienteering KH3 Orienteering KH4 Orienteering KH5


Our girls’ Gaelic teams in action!


Our girls’ Gaelic teams

IMG_2667 (1)

A tough match for our girls