staff photo

The staff consists of: 

  • An Administrative Principal
  • An Administrative Deputy Principal
  • 25 Class Teachers
  • 8 Learning Support/Resource Teachers
  • 10 Special Needs Assistants
  • 2 Secretaries

Learning Support

The Harold School has four full time Learning Support Teachers.  The main role of the Learning Support Teacher is to provide additional help to pupils with reading.  The children are given additional time in smaller units which gives them the opportunity to succeed and helps them to gain confidence.  The Learning Support Teacher also assists in the administration of appropriate tests.

Special Needs Resource Teacher

The Harold School has four full time Resource Teachers.  The role of the Resource Teacher is to supplement the efforts of existing teaching staff by assisting children who have been assessed as having special needs.

Individual work programmes are prepared for each Special Needs child and work is aimed to develop self confidence and social skills, through the variety of success oriented activities provided.